How It Works - Draft

We work on a client to client, job to job basis. This means that, unlike other companies or restaurants, we do not have set menus to choose from nor do we have set pricing that we list on our website. We feel that this enables us to work with a wide variety of clientele and does not limit us to one specific cuisine or style of cooking. Furthermore, this gives each of our clients something special and encourages a relationship between diner and chef. We are not cooks that hide in the kitchen, we like to be a part of the process from beginning to end. Once a client has answered the questions that we provide in the “WHAT WE DO” section and has sent an introductory e-mail, we then create the menu and layout for the event. From there we will send a preliminary invoice with pricing to be confirmed by the client and later confirmed upon.

In terms of payment we accept CASH, CHECK, PAYPAL, SQUARE.

We gladly accept tips.

We ask you to remember that when you go to a restaurant, in America, you ALWAYS tip (20%). Think of what we do as one step above a restaurant. We tailor make a menu, we bring it to your home or event space, we leave your space spotless, we do all of this with a smile and positive energy. Of course we appreciate “Thank You,” but we are not shy to state that the monetary equivalent of a “Thank You” is also welcome.

We look forward to working with you and showing you just how kick ass The Ladies of bigLITTLE Get Together are!